Marsa Alam's Premier Kite Surfing School in the Red Sea of Egypt

Are you visiting Marsa Alam? Wondering what to do? Look no further! Visit our Kite Surfing Centre “Kite Surf School, Egypt” which is situated at one of the most awesome locations in Egypt, Moon Resort in Marsa Alam. This is THE most sought after kite spot in Marsa Alam where you can learn to kite surf.

Only one kind of sport allows you to fly – it’s Kite Boarding!

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About Us

Max, the founder of Kite Surf School Egypt, has been Kite Surfing since 2006, and started his first Kite School in 2008.

In 2014 he co-founded Kite School Egypt which specialises in Kite Surfing Safari's.

Now Max is the owner of “Kite Surf School Egypt” which is represented by a team of very experienced kite instructors since 2018. We work with kitesurfers from all over the world for lessons and training as well as practice. Plus our signature Kite Safari's.

For the high-level kitesurfers with their own equipment, we offer private lessons, tips and advice after a warm-up session and level check.

We also offer a tailor-made service if you'd like to rent high-class equipment and / or store your own equipment.

We really focus on safety and quality in everything we do, so that you can fully experience the joy of kitesurfing!


Kite Surf School Egypt is located on the shores of a wonderful lagoon in Marsa Alam. You can also get a taxi, or park at the hotel parking if you're driving. We are located in Moon Resort.

Kite Surf School Egypt has everything you need for an amazing kiting experience: a pleasant lagoon, stable wind, an air-compressor, pure water, first aid facilities, a repair kit, friendly staff and a thriving kiting community!

Water & Wind

Our preferred spot is on the shore of Marsa Alam, Moon Resort, which has fresh and almost constant on-shore directed wind, flat middle-tided lagoon water, a long quiet beach and high standard of service paired with the latest equipment all of which makes for an optimal location for kitesurfing.

We honestly can say our lagoon is the best lagoon in Marsa Alam for every kind of kiting:

Torso depth water and sandy bottom are for learning tricks.
No chops is for improving your skills.
Smooth water is for gaining experience.
Stable wind is for novices and for professionals as well.
Fields of deep water and nice ramps is for high jumps.
A long marina is great for taking photos & videos.
And of course close proximity to the hotel (and public) who can appreciate your kite riding skills!

Wind conditions in the lagoon are just perfect – the wind direction is mainly North "onshore at an angle," sometimes the Eastern "right Bank". Twice a year (in May and November) wind tends to turns to the south-southeast “side-shore” direction.


We have seating for sun lovers and beanbags in the shade for when you need it – and you will need the shade sometimes. We have soft drinks, tea and coffee on site. And if you’re hungry, (Kiting is hungry business!) you can order lunch from without leaving the station.

The hotel offers a fantastic menu including all sorts of tasty meals and snacks with very reasonable prices, so it’s an all round winner. Wind or no wind, you'll have an awesome time at Kite Surf School Egypt.

Kite Surfing Courses

It usually takes around 3-4 days to learn the basics of kitesurfing and ride your first few meters. In the beginning, you'll get acquainted with wind theory and the first moves in kite-school. Then our instructor will show you kite equipment and how to prepare the equipment for use.

Kiteboarding is an extreme sport so it's important to conduct thorough safety training. After these stages you'll be ready for your first kite launch, where you'll feel the real power of kitesurfing & immediately understand why it's so much fun!

Kite Lesson Programme

As part of the initial training, we'll be doing the following:

Learn techniques for assembling & disassembling the kite.
Safety rules.
How to launch the kite.
Basic principles of handling the kite.
Practical exercises on handling the kite on the shore.
Basic movements with a kite on the water.
Practical training in handling the kite on the water.
Launching the kite on the water.

Kite Lesson Pricing

The programme of the initial kitesurfing course (12 hours) at Kite Surf School Egypt, and is broken down into phases.

Kite LevelHoursSkillsPrice
Lesson1A single hour lesson.€50
Introduction3Wind window Theory, Control Trainer 2 - Line Kite, Kite Gear Set Up / Safety Systems, Basic Flying Skills 4 - Line LEI Kite, Basic Body Drag.€130
Level 16Kite Intro + Kite Water Re-Launch, Advanced Kite Flying Skills, Body Frag Downwind / Upwind, Body Drag with a Kiteboard.€220
Level 1-29Level 1 + Get on the Board, Water Start, Water Start Practice, Riding a Short Distance.€310
Level 1-312Level 1 & 2 + Launching and Landing LEI Kite, Water Start Practice, Controlled Stop, Riding to Both Directions.€400

Student Rental Pricing

After you've completed Level 3 in Kite Lessons you are entitled to special discounted rates on the rental of our equipment.

1/2 Day€35
1 Day€55
3 Days€135
7 Days€250

Phase 1 – 1st hour:

  • Safety instructions.

  • Kitesurfing theory.

  • Studying wind concepts: the theory of windshields, wind direction, the strength of the wind & principles of movements.

  • Techniques for kite training.

Phase 2 – 2nd hour:

  • Theory: handling an inflatable kite – design features, the device & controls.

  • Studying the design of the kite & safety system.

  • Practising assembling & inflating the kite.

  • Controlling the kite at the edge of the windshield.

Phase 3 – 3rd and 4th hour:

  • Launching & landing the kite on shore.

  • Inflatable kite with trapezoid on the water.

  • Performing the “body drag” technique & working out your movement on the water behind the inflatable kite.

Phase 4 – 5th and 6th hour:

  • Raising the kite from the water.

  • Performing “bodydrag” with retention of the kite at the edge of the windshield & working out the movements.

Phase 5 – 7th to 9th hour:

  • Practical exercises on the water with a board.

  • Techniques for dressing the board.

  • Launching the kite on the water.

  • Learning techniques for moving behind a kite on a board & developing movements.

  • Standing on the board & working out the right posture.

Phase 6 – 10th to 12th hour:

  • We'll review the knowledge you've acquired in kite handling and movement skills on the board.

After completing the initial kite training programme, you'll have learned:

  • How to steer a kite safely.

  • How to determine the direction & force of the wind.

  • How to collect & customise your kite gear.

  • How to fly a kite.

  • How to run & land with a kite.

  • How to control a kite in the water.

  • How to stand on a board.

  • How to start & glide on the water.

Additional Course

During this course, the student acquires the following kitesurfing skills:

  • Steering the kite in both directions.

  • Speed control.

"Become a Professional"

Course Perfection! During this course, the student has the opportunity to learn the following elements of kitesurfing:

  • Independent launch of the kite.

  • Cutting-out to the wind.

  • Turns.

  • Jumping.

  • Freestyle elements.

  • Huge “Floaty” Jump.

  • Grab.

  • Spin.

  • Board-off.

  • Invert.

  • Kite loop & other tricks.

The cost of each course includes:
Instructor’s work, equipment rental, trapezoid, hydro-taps, insurance for the period of the training, helmet and, of course, the entire service of the centre. If you plan to visit us in the winter (December – February), we recommend you take a long wetsuit (5 mm thick) with you. On request, you can rent waterproof radio helmets from us, which are very useful in the last hours of the training, during a body dredge or when you're already on the board. Even at a considerable distance from your instructor, you'll still clearly hear him speaking to you!


Have you had enough of carrying your kiting equipment back and forth? If so, we have a storage option for you! You can rent a space from us where you can store your gear, so it's safe & dry, always ready for your next ride!

We'd like to add a note on packing your equipment before travelling:

  1. Kitesurfing kite bags have been getting smaller and smaller over the years. But a good bag that fits all your kitesurfing gear inside is worth its weight in gold. And if you can take one with wheels, even better.

  2. Properly folding your kite becomes an important skill to have. Not only does it reduce the amount of time spent on the beach after a kitesurfing session, it also allows you to pack your kite more efficiently, greatly reducing unnecessary wear & tear. While the technique may vary slightly, depending on whether your kite has a central deflation system, or uses a pump valve, the general approach will remain largely uniform.

  3. Make sure your kite is completely deflated, including the tubes, and pack them tightly by rolling them from both sides and make sure to roll the leading edge up straight to prevent bladder twists. With newer kites, always ensure the main valve is open so all the air can be removed.

  4. Always take off the fins, as they can easily break off if your luggage is handled the wrong way. Also, detach the foot straps and handle.

  5. The weakest point in a kite pump is the hose. Simply take the hose of the pump and put it in the bag separately where it won't get squeezed.

  6. Make sure you don’t lose anything. Put your screws, fins and screwdriver in a small bag so it's all kept together.

  7. Pack your gear into the bag in the right order. First, put the board in to stabilise the bag. Then put the folded kites and after this, pack the rest, fins, foot straps etc., in between the kites.

Please note that these are only some recommendations from kitesurfers who are used to travelling with their equipment. Most kitesurfers find their own way to pack their gear efficiently, and in a way that suits them. If you have any useful tips, they're always welcome.

Take care of your kite & it will take care of you!

Storage Pricing

Kite beach use and storage includes the daily beach use fee, compressor, beach assistance, night storage, Free Wi-Fi, Tea, fresh water, shower and toilet facilities.

The price is per person only, and includes 1 x Kiteboard, 1 x Surf / Hyrdrofoil and 3 x Kites.

1 Day€7
3 Days€20
6/7 Days€35
14 Days€65
1 Month€100


If you don’t have your own equipment yet, you can rent it from us! We have the latest in gear, it's well looked after and we have plenty of it. We have wetsuits, neoprene shoes, caps, sunglasses and more.

We also offer kites, boards, bars, and have harnesses for rent too in case the forecast is unexpected.

Our rental prices are very competitive so you can be assured of excellent prices, with everything we have for you!


2019 Cabrinha models
Switch Blade: 9-17 m
Contra: 7-12 m

2018-2019 Nobile models
T5: size 5,5 – 12 m
50Fifty: size 12m, 14m


2018-2019 models
Nobile bars: 43-48 cm
Cabrinha bars: 43-56 cm


2018-2019 models
board sizes: 120-160 cm
NOBILE model: 50Fifty
CrazyFly models:


2019 Mystic models
harness sizes

Kite Equipment Rental Pricing

All prices are quoted in € Euros.

DurationComplete Kite KitKite Only
1 hour€35€30
1/2 Day€60€50
1 Day€70€60
2 Days€135€120
3 Days€190€160
4 Days€220€200
5 Days€250€230
6 Days€280€260
7 Days€320€280
DurationBoard OnlyHydrofoilAccessories
1 hour€5€35€3
1/2 Day€10€60€5
1 Day€15€70€7
2 Days€30€135€15
3 Days€40€180€20
4 Days€50€220€25
5 Days€60€250€30
6 Days€70€280€35
7 Days€80€300€40

Red Sea Kite Safari

Egypt is an alluring place which almost everyone dreams of visiting at some point!

What better way of travelling than with your kite? The Red Sea is a unique and exotic place with mesmerising blue sea and expansive landscapes that are wild & untouched. With extraordinary wind conditions, year round sunshine and perfect water temperatures it's an ideal place for kitesurfing.

Our Boat

For our kite safari we have luxury level (4 stars) motor yacht with a capacity for 16 to 24 people, which has four decks. The first deck is at sea level, which has a dining hall and superior cabins, each with a double bed and sea view. The standard cabins with two single beds are on the lower deck, each of which has a wardrobe, air conditioning, and there's a separate cabin with a shower and toilet too. There's a yacht control post, captain’s cabin, large saloon with an LCD Screen, stereo system, rest area with sofas, bar and a canopy to shelter you from the sun on the upper deck. The second upper or "sunny" deck is filled with sun beds and has a small swimming pool with a jacuzzi. There are two Zodiac-type motor rescue boats on the yacht as well.

The crew is modest and friendly and there's a professional chef who continuously prepares tasty and varied treats, so living on this yacht will feel so comfortable & carefree!

Our Spot

Our favourite kite safari places are Tawila and Geisum which are located north of Hurghada, in the open sea and as our favourite spots are at a considerable distance from the coast they generally have fantastic wind conditions & characteristics. As the relief is flat and doesn't divide the wind flow, the wind is usually flat and stable in these places.

Spring in March and April often blows very strongly on small kites and even more so on larger sizes. At this time, we suggest a long 5mm wetsuit, while in April, 3mm is enough, however in May you can ride in shorts or even in lycra (on weak or southerly winds). In autumn, in September-October, it blows tightly & evenly onto small / medium sized kites. In October-November, a short one is definitely needed, and a long 3mm wetsuit will do just fine too.

On both sides and on the leeward side of the islands there are different sizes and depths of the lagoon. Thanks to the sandbanks on the leeward coast, the lagoons here have an important advantage – the smooth surface of the water and the absence of chop. With an average depth of about a meter, without corals, this is the perfect place for training!

Our Timeline

Early in the morning we leave the Hurghada marina and after three hours we can reach the Red Sea islands. Here we disembark, prepare the equipment and start training. We start kitesurfing and learning at dawn, and end at sunset, usually taking breaks just for meals. However, you don't have to have such an intense schedule! For example, you can start after breakfast or take a short break after lunch. During training we take pictures and shoot videos.

After dinner, we gather in the messroom, review the footage, discuss the students’ mistakes (and awesome progress!) and make suggestions for adjusting the movements of the more advanced kiters. For the rest of the evening, we watch videos and check out the photos of our guests, play board games, do yoga and have parties!

Information & Booking

    DEPARTUREAugust 27th 2019 (early morning)
    RETURNAugust 30th (evening)
    STANDARD Cabin€450 Euro
    LUXURY Cabin€450 Euro

    HURGHADA marina is the point of (DEPARTURE & RETURN)


    • Transfer (airport-yacht-airport).

    • Cabin on our yacht.

    • Three times a day meals, with snacks & fruit.

    • Equipment storage.

    • Rescuing.

    • Kite-school equipment test.

    • Non-alcoholic drinks.

    • Photos & Videos.

    • Wakeboarding, SUP, snorkelling, fishing, yoga.

    • Wi-Fi.


    • Ticket to Hurghada.

    • Visa (25$).

    • Accommodation (villa, hotel, apartment, etc.)

    • Medical / Sporting insurance.

    • Rental of kite school equipment.

    • Kite courses & lessons.

    • Alcoholic drinks & fresh juices.

    • Tea-tips for boat team.

    • Diving.

    • Extra services.

    • Anything conceivable that isn't listed in the "Included in the Price" section.


    • Long sleeve lycra, board shorts.

    • Wetsuit shoes - mandatory, gloves - desirable.

    • Sun glasses & sun protection.

    • Medicine you need only (a first-aid kit is on the boat).

    • Medical insurance and / or sporting insurance.

    • Sleeping bag (if you love sleeping under the stars).

    • USB stick / SD data card (for photos & videos)

    • If you want any alcoholic drinks - bring your own!


    To guarantee your reservation you'll need to pay your Safari fee, in full, in advance.

    With regards to refunds, if you let us know you won't be coming (MORE than 21 days before the departure date), we'll provide you with a 50% refund. If you let us know you won't be coming (LESS than 21 days before the departure date), no refund will be provided.

    Your reservation fee may be paid in cash, in Hurghada, or bank transferred to our USD / EUR accounts and of course we can (on an individual basis) negotiate receiving funds through any other available money transfer systems as well!

    Contact Us

    We're always happy to help, we're looking forward to hearing your questions or comments.

    Thank You

    Thanks so much for contacting us! We'll get back to you as soon as possible.